Bloom: Love Through The Looking Glass

Do you harvest love for yourself?   Often, caring and loving others comes much easier than caring and loving ourselves.  We seem to easily pour out kindness and compassion to our friends, yet when we peer into the looking glass we neglect to offer ourselves that same grace....

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New Adventure: Achievable Goals

The future is an adventure awaiting.  Each morning we are given the gift of renewal, a chance to begin afresh and the ability to authenticate our dreams.  Today we want to encourage you to be courageous and follow your dreams.  We have assembled a guide of basic goals that can lead to profound gratification as you conquer your new adventure....

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Bonne Nouvelle: The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas has a different meaning to everyone. For some, it’s presents and parties and good food. For others, it’s the vast variety of Christmas music and activities. Maybe for you it’s in slowly preparing, every day, for the celebration of Jesus’s birth.

Take some time this Christmas season to figure out what Christmas means to you. Is it the decorations? The fun? The giving?

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Merry & Bright: Holiday Traditions

The Holiday season is upon us, with snowflakes waltzing through the air, carolers harmonizing, and the subtle fragrance of pine lingering in the air. Every family has their own holiday traditions, from opening presents Christmas morning to settling down every evening for Advent. We’ve gathered our favorites for you to sift through.

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Rendezvous: Winter Wonderland

Christmas is a magical time of glistening snow and sparkly decorations.  It’s for rejoicing together with friends and family.  The season is full of holiday parties, and programs,  however, between all the hustle and bustle it's important to remember to find ways to enjoy the season with those you cherish most.  We've created a list of some of our favorite ways to experience the magic of Christmas with friend and family. 

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